I enjoy life, I hope you do too

Marcel Wilders

All you wanted to know about me and more…

My life

My life hasn’t always been a bed of roses. I sought help and grew. Now I have a very clear look on life. I am enjoying life to the fullest!

My personal promise

I believe that everything we sell online here is not sustainable for you. All our products have been carefully selected and tested.

Medicine & Vitamins

I have always had many problems with industries that regulate prices. There is no industrie that does that more than the Pharmacy industry


And then I met her

My world was turned upside down!

The first time I saw her was a long time ago. She was happy with someone else and I was happily married. But somehow she was a woman who I noticed. Many years past and some times I saw her and even spoke with her.
After maybe 15 years I contacted her on Facebook and we have been together from that day.

Magic at home

Our sex life

Our sex life was never a big problem, but… My erection has some problems. Not that big, but many times I could not perform when I wanted. I had the luck that she was very open and helped me. She told me what to do and not to worry that much. That helped, so much!!! But still I liked to feel more like I did feel when I was 25. So we searched online and found Sindenafil. That was sex on a whole different level!!! I was feeling so much stronger and more like a man.

It is a to long story how I got to start sildenafil.io. But long story short, I simple wanted to help people like me and make a profit along the way.

I really hope that your sex life will be as wonderful as mine. No one should want less. No one should have to put up with sex that doesn’t fulfill their own dreams.

Who I am

Things I love

My dog Bandit

My dog Bandit


My country

My country


The Algarve in Portugal

The Algarve in Portugal


Doctor Marcel

Trusted By Doctors & Patients Around the Country.

All products we sell are not that simple soled. We all know that they are tested and found as perfect as the big brands. But because they do not have the big brand name they are not that expensive.

We have had so many customers who gave there review. And more importend, I have used all of these brands my self and I can tell you they work without any problem. Just make sure you do not use any of these products with any other drugs or alcohol. Do not use them when you have a period with a lot of stress. Do not use them when you have a heart problem.

Simple said, please use your brain and think…